Saturday, November 8, 2008

Down Time

Lately we have had a lot of down time. Well...that's actually not totally true, we have had a lot of time with no games. Well....that's not really true either. I, have had a lot of time without games. The quarterfinals were played yesterday and today. Yesterday, North Korea beat Denmark and Germany beat Canada. Both teams were expected to win and both games were very fair with only 10 fouls in the 1st game! Today, USA beat South Korea and England beat Japan. Both of these results were unexpected...especially Japan losing. They were huge favorites to win the whole tournament.

I did not have an appointment on any of the quarterfinal games which meant that I had training every morning. Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE to train (huge eyeroll), but getting up every morning at 8am to head out for training does get very tough. We train for 2 hours everyday. 1 hour of fitness, and 1 hour of technical training (game situations). It is really, really good as I have learned so much, but please, just 1 day to sleep in :(

We have done a bit of shopping in the last few days...and I use the word "bit" very lightly. I may, or may not, have bought another pair of running shoes. They're so nice! We also went on an outing, in normal clothes...yay... to the SkyTower (a really tall building), which overlooks all of Auckland, and to the local market, where I did some more shopping. We also organized a movie night with all the referees. Unfortunately I showed the movie, 40yr Old Virgin, which was a bit in appropriate. The next night I showed , Step Up, which was so much better. I have now been termed "Cruise Director", so I was thinking about playing a bit of shuffleboard tonight! The weather here is finally a bit sunny, and I am working on getting rid of my "ghost in the pool" look. We have a meeting this evening to find out (I think), the appointments for the final 4 games. I am hopeful that I will get another game, but if I don't, I am also very happy with my tournament so far. I will keep you posted.

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I hate that *this* is the comment I'm leaving after being out of touch for so long but it's late and I just want to say that I am desperately hoping that lamb hat and gloves you had on in that picture is something you're bringing home for Elias! hehehe. Love you, talk to you more soon.